Holiday Stranger

Photo: my lipstick by (model) priscilla world

The shopping center was teeming with holiday shoppers as I scanned the food court for a place to sit and enjoy my reward for finally finishing my own gifting list, peppermint ice cream, my favorite. Finding a place to sit appeared to be a lost cause and I decided to head home. As I turned toward the exit a man stood up from one of the tables near where I was standing. Thinking that I would take his place, I waited, but he was waiting, too.

The first thing I noticed about him was his stature, not that he was a giant of a man, but as he rose into his height, his shoulders squared to the floor and I could tell, even with his back to me that his chest was raised before him. His posture reminded me of the stance football captains take when they meet their opponents for the coin toss at the beginning of a game, only instead of holding a helmet under his arm, he held a large bag of Christmas gifts.

A woman rushed over to him, urging him to sit back down with a wave of her hand. He hesitated then complied, slumping to the chair like the athlete slumping to the bench after a disappointing play. The woman, oblivious to the shift in his presentation, quickly deposited another large bag of gifts at his feet while waving a credit card at him, clearly demanding another card. The man shrugged his shoulders as he reached into his breast pocket and withdrew a wallet and from the wallet another card. The woman smiled for the first time, slipped the card into her hip pocket then freed herself of both her coat and her purse, depositing both of them in the man’s lap. She spun on her heel and disappeared into the throng as he looked around, obviously perturbed at the notion that he had been reduced to the position of purse-keeper. That’s when our eyes met.

He looked past me at first, but came back to me quickly as he realized he was being watched. I blushed, guilty for intruding on his predicament as his woman’s attendant, glanced into my pink and green frozen treat then looked back at him and discovered his eyes still on me. I smiled and intensity grew in his gaze. My cheeks warmed as I blushed to even deeper shades.

The stream of shoppers between us made it seem like I was watching him in stop-motion, like claymation, but our eyes remained locked until a hurried woman passed by too close to me to avoid dragging her exhausted child into me. I almost dropped my ice cream on the child in the collision, but quickly apologized to the back of the woman who never even slowed down as she pushed her way through the crowd. Looking for a safer place to stand I noticed the entrance to the long hallway which leads to the restrooms only a few feet away. I looked back to the man, excited to see that I still held his attention. That’s when I knew that I wanted him to have me.

I took a few side steps toward the hallway then discretely pointed toward the little plaque with the man/woman symbols on it that was on the wall behind me. He looked puzzled at first, but when he recognized the invitation a grin broke across his lips. Suddenly he seemed less like an athlete than a wolf with an eye on his prey. My hands trembled at the idea of him pursuing me down the hall, at the idea of him catching me, at the idea of him releasing his cock from his pants and sliding it through my lips and across my tongue.

I lingered at the entrance to the hallway as he rose again, this time burdened with the woman’s possessions and an additional shopping bag. No longer embarrassed, he slung the purse, then the woman’s coat over his shoulder and hefted the bags of gifts before stalking through the flow of people. My heart raced and I turned toward the stark passage, following a pair of teenage girls past the back entrances of the pizzeria and the Chick-fil-a. I kept a purposeful gate down the hallway, but when the girls pushed through the door marked “women” I hesitated before dodging a woman pushing a stroller coming out the same door. A glance over my shoulder confirmed that the man had almost overtaken me. Again I hesitated, then I moved quickly to the next door, marked “men,” and pushed through.

I rushed past the urinals grateful that the one man in the public restroom didn’t notice the sound of my pumps before I had ducked into the very last stall. I listened for the man following me, but I didn’t hear him approach the door as the sound of flushing water echoed off the tiles. I stepped away from the door as it was pushed open, suddenly questioning my own judgement, suddenly a little scared, suddenly keenly aware that I didn’t care what this strange man had in store for me as long as his intention included giving me his cock. When his eyes again locked with mine I felt confident that he intended to satisfy that need.

The stall was crowded despite being designed to accommodate a person burdened by shopping bags, but we were not a person, we were two. To make room for him to close the stall door, I stepped back, straddling the toilet as he turned the latch on the door. As he turned back to me I raised the hem of my skirt to my hips and sank down onto the seat beneath me. I watched his pants swell and felt my pussy drench my panties as we both took in the vulgarity of my position. My fingers slid into my panties as he unzipped his slacks and hefted his growing cock from its prison. Already feeling the intensity of my arousal as my fingers circled my clit, my desire for his manhood overtook my fear and couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I couldn’t even look into his face when I managed to whisper a single word… “please.”

He stepped up close to me, his feet straddling the bowl alongside my own. Without ceremony his cock pushed into my mouth, then my throat, gagging me. The cup of ice cream fell from my hand even as I felt what I had eaten rise in my throat. The cold ice cream was a shock to him and he groaned but didn’t release the pressure of his hand on the back of my head. I forced myself to swallow the ice cream for the second time as he eases himself back just a bit before rocking in and out of my mouth, every few strokes testing my gag reflex, gagging me every time, causing my eyes to water and mascara to run onto my cheeks. After several minutes he finally spoke to me, but over the sound of my struggle to accommodate his cock, all I could make out were two words… “gonna……cum” and he pushed into me again, gagging me more than he had before and this time I tasted the ice cream for the second time as it spilled past his hard dick and over my lips. I drooled creamy peppermint into the toilet bowl.

Then he pulled out of my mouth so suddenly that I almost fell over, gasping for air. He started to stroke himself off and the first spurt of his hot jizz fell on my lips as I continued trying to catch my breath. I continued rubbing my pussy, feeling my own climax as he continue pumping his sperm into my mouth. I swallowed ice cream and his cream together as I struggled to catch up, but he didn’t wait for me. My fingers still worked away as I watched him put his spent cock back into his pants, zip up and leave the stall, burden and all. At last my orgasm came for me and I pushed through it, whimpering, gasping, fingering myself furiously, eyes clenched shut until it was gone.

I was alone in the stall when I opened my eyes, still gently rubbing my sensitive clit, disappointed that the encounter was over as I heard the door shut behind the stranger who had just satisfied himself with my mouth. “Thanks,” I said out loud, thinking I was alone in the restroom. I let out a sigh and started to stand and adjust my skirt when the stall door slowly swung open and the man who I had seen at the urinal a few minutes earlier smiled at me, obviously ready for his turn. My fingers slipped back into my panties as I sank again onto the seat of the toilet, a good little slut, eager to please another holiday stranger.



  1. Dirty little toilet tart, keenfully aware of who and what she is, unable to resist or fight it, succumbing to it every time, shamelessly, salivating at the mere thought of a cum filled cock pumping down her skilled throat, jilling herself while’st skull fucked by a stranger. A slave to her own desires, unable to keep her mouth, mind or fingers off her sex, empowered by her incumbent tenure as Hose Queen, First Lady of Cock, spunk drinker extraordinaire, shameless sucking the fuck poles of men who can’t resist her. MMmmmm… Power sharing….


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