In My Inbox

I recently exchanged a few short-but-sweet messages with an old friend after we failed to hook up at an adult book store near my stomping grounds. The conversation grew slowly, each of us responding only when we could steal a moment from our busy days to quickly read and reply. The pace of the exchange, for me, did nothing to diminish the level of intimacy and eroticism expressed. I couldn’t help but ask if I could share the conversation with you here. I’m glad he said yes.

(Key: What he wrote. My responses.)

Happy New Year !

Thought about you recently during a session at an adult bookstore….

Do you still reside near […]? Last time we spoke I was of the opinion you had moved to this area.

Please advise. It would be fun to hit the New Fine Arts on […] for a tryst….

Best to you

Yes, I am very close to that NFA. Yes, I think it would be fun to get it on in one of their rooms. When do you wanna do that?
I was so horned up yesterday and that was what I had in mind.

Apologies for not giving you more time.

Happy New Year to you . Please be safe.

What a shame… keep me in mind next time!! Okay, hon?
Will do! And thank you for your response… I always enjoyed your company. You are a very good girl!
You sure know how to say the right thing!
I love the way you respond to my good little girls to you. I like what a dirty little girl you are, and I sooo appreciate that….
And I appreciate that you know filthy little sluts like me deserve positive affirmations, too.
I think it takes one to know one. Oh, how I do appreciate everything you are, and accept you, gratefully, for that..

I only wish I had what you have in the search for that fulfillment….

You are a Queen, A Goddess. So pretty, talented, and filthy. All very combinations for a good girl…

And hoping I’m not bothering you…. Is there something particularly filthy you might like to do?

Please comment.

Babe, you know me & what I like. I’m filthy, but oh, so simple… can’t we just go to the adult video store and fuck? Maybe they’ll have some toy you won’t be able to resist and you can use it to bring me to convulsions, lubed with your saliva, stretched by a buzzing silicone cock before you shower me in hot spunk. I know it’s as vanilla as smoking cigarettes, but I love that stuff like I love sucking your cock with your fingers inside me.
You know, you are correct. As a pervert / slut / man whore myself, I tend to overthink situations such as this, in order to maximize the nastiness. Additionally, since I do have ED issues (as you might recall), I volleyed my question to you hoping you might reveal a deeper depravity I am unaware of. As I discovered in the past, you are bit more of an onion than I had first imagined. Meaning: I was delighted to find you enjoyed the ABS scene as much as I do, but perhaps intimidated in broaching it…. Your sluttiness has been slowly uncovered, and I love it….

You are a fine slut, and it takes one to know one. You are very pretty, sexy, crave-inducing, multitalented, clit possessing, little fuck toy. I appreciate that, in more ways than you might imagine. A Queen of cunt, a Mistress of Depravity, a wonderfully beautiful woman, A little baby nasty girl who needs to be put in her place, a life support system for a vagina, an elite hose queen. I mean this in the most positive, affirmative manner possible.


It really turns me on to know that someone thinks of me as he thinks of me. Tell me what you think of me in the comments.



  1. Caitie, you seem to bring out the pervert in all of us. Such a nasty fuck puppet, used by many for their own sick fantasies.

    ” That’s a good girl….. Yes, just like that….. If you suck it well, this hard cock might pound that sweet little pussy like a jackhammer. That’s a good girl.”

    So submissive, so horney, and so insatiable….. It begs the question: who is using who?


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