Road Trip with My Bestie

Real life has kept me busy lately, which is cool, but also not cool. If I wasn’t so busy, I might be posting about some sexy encounters instead of letting this blog sit here quietly waiting for me to get back.

Well, I’m back and I’ve got some news for you!

My bestie has been invited to a fancy schmancy soiree in Tennessee next week and she’s invited me along for the ride. That sounds to me like an excellent opportunity for me to get out and get to know Memphis. While I’m at it, might as well throw Texarkana and Little Rock into the mix, too! Don’t you agree?

The Plan:

I’ll be hitting the road with my gal-pal on Monday morning, taking a break at around noon in Texarkana. If the mood is right, we’ll stay the night and see what happens.

If the lure of Little Rock is strong, we’ll set out for the capital by early evening and stay until Thursday morning then head to Memphis.

I’ll be looking for something to keep me busy until party time on Friday. I may even be up for a little hanky-panky Saturday morning…

Then back to Little Rock for a couple of days lounging around and seeing what happens.

We should get back to Dallas on Tuesday by way of Texarkana and one last night of adventure Monday.

Are You In?

If you’re in any of these target cities (or somewhere along the way) and want to meet, let me know!! I’ve just updated my screening form to suit a week-long road trip, so get over to my hotprovider site and fill out my form. You can check my tentative itinerary there, too.

My mind is already stirring up images of one sexy encounter after another: two sexy women on a road trip, stranded roadside with a flat and no jack, just waiting for someone to rescue them; falling into a game of secretly exposing myself to a male guest of the hotel where I’m staying then realizing his guest room is connected to my own; playing a childish game of truth or dare with my girlfriend and a guy she met at the hotel bar that just gets started when he dares the two of us to demonstrate our favorite sex toys on each other…

I really am getting horny already and the trip is almost a week away! I can hardly wait to hit the road! This is going to be just the type of erotic vacation that good little sluts like me deserve now and then! Don’t forget that I don’t get out and about for this kind of fun very often, so don’t miss your chance to become a featured character in my next sexy story post!!


PS: Don’t forget to screen!