#1 Worst Screening Tactic: Say You Shouldn’t Have To Do It

If you think you are too big, important, well-known, famous, high-profile or special to submit five pieces of information to my screening process, you are sadly mistaken. If you think you have more to lose than I do, you might be a moron.

As happens, I receive a private message from a member of a well-known forum. His six-word message informed me that he wants an outcall approximately an hour an 15 minutes from my home. I directed him to the standard form every single person I have seen in the past few years has completed prior to booking with me.

This was his response:

I’m sorry but I don’t think I should have to go through a screening process with 50 plus reviews if I had issues of any type I think it would be obvious by now

You would expect a guy to know how it works after 50 reviews. Do the providers he sees not screen? His statement makes references from any of the girls he’s reviewed useless and my screening form even more necessary than ever. I didn’t even mention that in my painfully long reply.

I apologize for the long reply…

With all due respect, I understand that you have established your position as a participating member of this social system. I respect that you have invested time and energy into writing reviews that not only secure your access to privileged areas of the the board, but also inform your contemporaries while promoting the services of your counterparts. Thank you for your valuable contribution.

That said, I don’t screen by reviews which, in my experience are primarily presented fanciful depictions that may have a great deal of value in the process of evaluating the performance of a service provider, but of little use in the evaluation of her client. Without knowing both sides (or the details) of the story, reviews show me activities a reviewer enjoys, but that’s about it.

Imagine applying for a credit card and telling the issuing agency that they don’t need to know anything about you other than the perks offered by the other cards in your wallet or how much you enjoy the things you buy. Consider applying for a mortgage and only divulging the amenities of your current and past homes. Has anyone ever been granted a car loan by giving a dealer a map of all the places they’ve ever driven?

The comparisons sound ridiculous, I know. The amount of information required for any of the above situations can be staggering and invasive, although the acquisitions are cold, unfeeling, material constructs that will remain unaffected by the consumer’s care and handling of them.

Warm, compassionate, accommodating service providers are never unaffected by the consumers they serve. For better or worse, every client leaves a mark.

The personal information I require (name, age, city of residence, contact email, non-forwarding phone number) in order to process screening is simple and non-invasive. I used to demand far more than I do now. I assure you that I have screened infinitely more individuals than you have reviewed. If my process or handling of personal information “had issues of any type I think it would be obvious by now.”

I believe it’s fair to say that any provider you see can anticipate your expectation of any (or all) of the following: lfk, dfk, bls, bbbj, tuma, mish, Russian, fia, fiv, daty, dato, cim, doggie, msog, Greek, ff, tit sucking, ball sucking, dt. By comparison, the five items through which I screen seem even less invasive than they first appear.

Having said all of this, I have to agree with your message. You’re absolutely correct in saying you shouldn’t have to go through the screening process. I’m sure lots of girls are less selective, less cautious and more willing to allow other people to make their decisions regarding their clientele. I’m sure you will continue to enjoy a fulfilling hobby with those girls.

Those of you who understand are so appreciated. Thanks for making it easy to serve you.